System Features

Combine GIS with the power of mobile apps and the cloud to coordinate your asset management efforts, linking your field crews and office staff together seamlessly. Streamline maintenance activities, gather and maintain the detailed asset information required to inform your strategic planning.


Capture and maintain a complete asset inventory including geo-coordinates and asset-specific data attributes. Asset ratings are automatically updated based on data captured during routine maintenance activities.


Your field crews will be more efficient than ever with our intuitive, easy-to-use mobile apps. Run on any smart phone or on ruggedized hand-held devices with built-in barcode scanners and high-accuracy GPS receivers; supports a wide range of hardware options.


Built on the secure and scalable H2O Analytics cloud platform; no on-site software installation is required. Manage your assets from any web browser. Mobile devices communicate via cellular data or wifi connectivity.



Proactively manage the maintenance activities required for each asset in order to maintain compliance and ensure optimal system function and financial return on asset investments.


Import existing geo-coordinates to help your field crews efficiently find asset locations. Capture coordinates during maintenance activities and generate GIS files for the utility's engineers. Visualize asset locations in our web dashboard, in Google Earth or any other GIS application.


An asset condition assessment and rating system that captures information in the field during maintenance allows you to analyze failure risk and consequences. Optimize your repair / replace decision-making and financial planning.

GIS System Integration

A Comprehensive Solution

A comprehensive utility asset management solution requires robust GIS, data management and field/office communication capabilities. Asset Management from H2O Analytics runs on a wide range of common hardware devices including iOS and Android smartphones as well as high-accuracy GPS receivers from leading manufacturers. Intuitive, easy-to-use apps ensure rapid adoption and usage by all of your staff members.

Our browser-based management console also makes it easy for you to monitor field work, easily viewing completion status and details including digital photos and map views. Email and text message notifications can be automatically sent to job-specific distribution lists when exceptions occur in the field. Monitoring and managing field assets has never been easier.

System Benefits

Let us help you capture a complete inventory of assets and implement an ongoing asset management program using easy-to-use mobile devices and the cloud.

Faster Maintenance

Field crews will spend less time finding assets and capturing information and more time performing critical maintenance activities.

Complete, Quality Data

The intuitive user interface on the mobile app makes the capture of maintenance information a snap, and all information automatically flows back to the management dashboard.


Establish and manage asset-specific maintenance schedules. Track maintenance activities as they occur in the field and monitor asset conditions from the web-based management dashboard.

Interactive Visualization

See "breadcrumbs" on a map in near-real-time as work is completed. Respond to customer service inquiries with before-and-after photographs.

Inventory Control

Keep track of optional services and ensure tight inventory control. Ensure you're getting paid for the parts that are used.

Easy to Use

Unlike legacy products running on slow, proprietary hardware, our smart-phone apps are fast, intuitive and easy-to-use for any employee.

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